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Respectful Online Access

We're taking steps to carefully respect online access to these materials. Here's what we pledge:

1. We carefully select items that appear online. We have tended to focus on government records or other statements of record that are a matter of public. Community collections that appear here have been contributed at the wishes of the community and may be taken down at any time.

2. You might find something in these documents that needs addressing. There will be a lot of documents here. We would ask that you contact us about any corrections or perspectives you feel is necessary.

3. We listen to community members, including family, friends, colleagues, educators, researchers, and other partners, about what goes online.

Please follow our Code of Conduct (coming soon), and respect those participating and sharing online. Please seek to contribute positively and don't be extractive of other people's work. AIDHP does not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or spam. Abusing users will be banned.